Dear Dr. Indunil:

It is with much gratitude that I would like to share my experience of our consultation and my healing process:

I was referred by Ms. Ingrid Naiman, and trusted her sincerity enough to seek consultation with you remotely. In following your recommendations and using the herbal products you prescribed, I’ve seen a slow but real transition of a chronic skin problem I’ve been suffering with for over 10 years. Your questionnaire and intake was very professional and thorough, and you provided prompt answers to all of my questions. I have wanted for some time to work with an Ayurvedic practitioner close to home (New York) but could not afford the high consultation fees. Your compensation for such sincere work and input was so fair and affordable, and I am completely satisfied that I made a wise choice. It is refreshing to find an experienced professional in the “Science of Life” who humbly offers their services at a fair rate. For those people who suffer health issues for which general medicine has failed to provide healing, may they find you, as I did, and begin the transition to wholeness and health with your wise guidance and the natural products you prescribe.

Many thanks,

Janet Vignola

I can say I was very happy with your consultation. I really resonated with the prescribed medications. I could sense the difference soon after start taking it so I wanted to say a big thank you.



I just wanted to share my experience under the care of Dr..Indunil. I had my difficulties under the allopathic system ..all I was getting was stronger and stronger antibiotics with each visit which was not helping me at all. After long hours surfing on the net. I stumbled across one of Ingrid’s website which she kindly suggested me to Dr.Indunil. I had a horrible skin problem that wasn’t getting better,worse spreading in my own opinion. I thank the heavens that I found them during my time of darkness. Dr.Indunil’s diet recommendations and herbal supplements has slowly but steadily shown improvement of my condition. Our bodies are built to heal itself,we just lose track of how to be in better health in this modern age. With living angels like Dr.Indunil who truly wants and knows how to bring your body into a better state is a blessing that people with true good hearts exist that want to heal you. Also with her interest in microscopy,watching seeing what herbs does is already a sure thing she cares deeply with how and why the body works.

Big hugs,

Sarah from Canada.

It as been such a gift to meet Dr. Indunil during my trip to Ecuador.  It was my first experience with Ayurvedic medicine, and I would really recommend it to everybody feeling sick or not, as I did not really feel sick but my appetite, energy and joy were low.  I also had some trouble with digestion for years.

I really like :

  •  How Dr. Indunil cares about her patients, taking so much time to listen and explain. She even follows them at distance; she keeps sending me advice by mail.
  •  She has great knowledge and explains it really well.
  •  What she advises me is all natural and mostly local (diet, vegetables, fruits and medicine).
  •  Every time I met her, we looked at my blood together so I could really see the progress in the depuration — healing. Within a few weeks, my health really got better (appetite, energy, digestion and mood)

Lucie D from France.

I had been treated for an eye condition described as macular retinal edema for close to three years. My eye condition was worsening and to try mitigating that, my ophthalmologist recommended injecting a different, more expensive, drug into my eye. This was an impetus for me to research alternate methods of treatment and I sent an email describing my situation to Ingrid Naiman a natural health practitioner whom I deeply admire. A few days later, I received an email from Dr. Indunil.

Dr. Indunil, after reviewing my medical records, recommended an eyewash to use along with the method to prepare it. She also recommended some Ayurvedic herbs to take internally. After one week of following her protocol, my eye had improved dramatically and the improvement was easily seen by my ophthalmologist on the scan of my eye that showed the retina and the fluid and tissue below it.

At this time, while my eye continues to improve, I am still seeing the ophthalmologist and expect that with the continued course of improvement brought about by the Ayurvedic treatment path Dr. Indunil prescribed, that the injections will have a greater time between them and eventually cease.

I am very grateful to Dr. Indunil for her guidance which allowed me to avert an escalation of an allopathic treatment plan and also grateful that she showed me the possibility of being able to manage the condition of my eye through Ayurvedic methods.


The Panchakarma with Dr Indunil was a pleasant experience overall, if ever a panchakarma can be described as pleasant!

The 20 days Panchakarma treatment was well structured, and we managed to fit in more sessions than what I expected. Indunil was thorough and precise in administering treatments, and always happy to answer my many, strange questions.

The aspect I liked the most is the way Dr. Indunil combines classic Ayurvedic techniques with modern diagnostic tools which really opened my eyes in terms of managing my own health.

After the treatment not only I felt cleansed, I also developed a deeper understanding of how my body works.

Federico Zinelli

I am one of Dr. Indunil’s patients as I have been suffering from migraine and Tourette syndrome for more than 30 years. None of the normal medicine neither the normal doctors could help me at all. So I discovered Bioethika Center for Healing about 2 months ago, and since then I didn’t have any migraine at all (normally I had it at least 2 days a week) and also Tourette syndrome reduced more than 90%. So for me, Indunil is an excellent doctor and an amazing person. I also did the LIVE BLOOD ANALYSIS before we started the treatment. She gave me some recommendations, which I did follow and when we finished the treatment she did another analysis and the blood was much better. All I can say that my whole life has become so much better thanks to Indunil and I can strongly recommend this BIOETHIKA CENTER FOR HEALING to everybody!!

Michaela Steinhauser

I very much enjoyed and benefited from my treatment. Dr. Indunil’s care was expert, professional, compassionate, and thorough. Each step and treatment was very well explained and appreciated. The traditional Ayurvedic Panchakarma I received left me feeling lighter both mentally and physically. My mind is clearer and happier and my body feels healthier and stronger. I received Ayurvedic eye treatments there and when I got back my eye doctor found that my eyesight had improved enough to lower the power of my prescription.The food was excellent and the accommodations quite comfortable. I highly recommend the Bioethika Center for Healing.

JP from USA


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