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Meet Dr.Indunil, Hostess of this Website

I am an Ayurvedic doctor, educated and licensed in Sri Lanka who graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery from the University of Colombo. I completed my Diploma in Counseling in 2005 at the Institute of Professional Counselors Sri Lanka, and I am also a registered member of the Sri Lanka National Institute of Professional Counselors.

I started my journey of Ayurveda in 2005; and I believe, this holistic natural system of health and herbal medicine lasts for all ages. I was born into a Buddhist family. There’s a noble saying of Lord Buddha, Arogya parama labha Health is the highest benefit. As a Buddhist and a doctor, my goal is to contribute to the healing all the people in this world and to help them to live a healthy life.

My collaboration with Dr. Ingrid Naiman over the last five years opened a new path in my life and made me interested in cancer and darkfield microscopy. I’m so grateful to her for the inspiration, support and guidance in creating this website.

May all beings be healthy!

Dr. Indunil Weerarathne

BAMS (Hons), University of Colombo
MSc Infectious Diseases (reading), London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Dip. In Counseling, Sri Lanka Institute of Professional Counselors

January 2015

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