Herbs For Pets

Herbs For Pets


The concept of ahimsa is dear to Buddhism as well as many other ancient and modern religious and sociological precepts.  Every sentient being in this world has a right to exist. As human beings, it’s our responsibility to to assure that every living creature has the safety required to thrive

By nature, I am a dog lover. The first dog I ever had for whom the full responsibility was mine is a Dachshund, Savi. He was named after a beautiful Akita – Savika. Now I have four Dachshunds and this page is dedicated to my beautiful forever friends; Teddy, Savi, Rue and Philo.


Suenya and Genji, the Parvo virus survivors just became parents. They welcomed seven totally adorable and healthy puppies into the world on November 3rd, 2016. Here is the video of Suenya cleaning her babies just after they were born.

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