Designing Ayurvedic Packages

Designing of Ayurvedic Packages

Dr. Indunil designs complete Ayurvedic Packages for Hotels, Spas, Clinics, etc. worldwide who are looking to offer special Ayurvedic treatments for their clients for health and wellness. If your company would like to offer professionally designed, effective Ayurvedic Packages, please contact for further information.

What is Included?
  • Detailed description of the Ayurvedic packages
  • Descriptive benefits of each package
  • Specific dietary guidance for each package
  • Specific activity (physical & psychospiritual) guidance for each package
  • Fillable form for the detailed medical history for each client
  • Any relevant information of the packages required for the brochures will be provided
  • All the packages will be developed carefully for the clients to have the best effects and for the customer satisfaction

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