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Candida Crusher, Dr. Eric Bakker
If you follow the program entirely as outlined in the book Candida Crusher, make the necessary changes and improvements to your diet and lifestyle, and take the required dietary supplements as recommended then you will have a large chance of entirely beating a chronic yeast infection. The Candida Crusher Program has been used successfully in a clinical setting for many years with many satisfied clients from around the world, some who have had a chronic yeast infection for twenty years or even longer. Results vary naturally from patient to patient, depending on the level participation and commitment, and whether there are any underlying results that may prohibit recovery.




All Natural Kidney Health And Kidney Function Restoration, Robert Galarowicz

All Natural Kidney Health And Kidney Function Restoration Program can help heal your kidneys and reverse any damage done. Learn about the diet and supplement program meant to nurture your kidneys back to good health. Learn about the foods that can work miracles for your kidneys and the ones that can create havoc. Learn about the different herbs and supplements that can help restore your kidneys and prevent any further damage. Avoid dialysis and the use of harmful drugs. Improve your kidney health and prevent kidney failure. Discover how you can reverse your kidney disease, have more energy, and live a better quality of life.



Fatty Liver Solution, Duncan Capicchiano

This ebook is written by someone who wants to get to the bottom of things. With traditional medicine like food, nutrition and herbal medications, you will soon feel the effects of curing the liver damage. The author, Duncan Capicchiano, guarantees what his writings tell you, which is why he offers a refund if you are not happy.




The Hypothyroidism Revolution, Tom Brimeyer

Tom Brimeyer is known as the most cutting-edge and most sought after thyroid practitioner and consultant in the natural health community. He is famous for creating the most successful step-by-step integrative thyroid therapy for every-day people that naturally and permanently overcomes hypothyroidism and saves them from becoming yet another victim of the completely outdated, ineffective, and illogical thyroid medical model.




The Alkaline Diet,  Emma DeAngela

Emma deangela’s the alkaline diet recipes is a program that reveals the three alkaline diet secret recipes to lose weight naturally and boost your immune system. The body PH is the measure of acidity and alkalinity of the body. The body PH is a key indicator of the state of the body. The PH varies from 0 through 14, with 0 been the most acidic, 14 been the most alkaline and 7 been the neutral midpoint. Various part of the human body has a specific PH range which varies from the acidic PH in the stomach and the slightly basic PH of the blood. Most foods that many of us eat cause a distortion in the normal body PH. When this happens, our bodies can’t function properly. The alkaline diet is designed to help your body maintain the ideal PH for a normally physiological function and overall well-being.



Modern Ayurveda, Kate Stillman

Modern Ayurveda is a unique course that brings together yoga and Ayurveda. Especially beneficial for yoga practitioners. If you’re already on the path of well-being, seeking complete happiness in life – this could be the ultimate plunge for you. Ayurvedic theory is both organic and sophisticated; it unpacks the energetic perspective of what causes imbalances and engenders disease. Recognizing the relationship of those habits which court disease is only half of the equation. Updating habits in real time is the crux and strategy of habit evolution. It is to help you practice these habits that are good for you that The Ayurveda Experience proudly presents to you – Modern Ayurveda.



Secrets of Turmeric, Kimberly Scott

Secrets of Turmeric teaches you what Turmeric is, why YOU need it, and how to use this amazing natural product. Cooking, Skin Care, Acne, Weight Loss, Pain Relief, Anti-Inflammatory, the list is a long one! Turmeric is packed full of benefits and this amazing “super food” can truly transform your life.

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